04.06.2020 A new automized way to make a team

Corteco’s operators and robots work together to assure the best service for their customers.

Distribution Center Italy, located in Pinerolo, is a 7,200 square meter logistics center that ships roughly 255,000 delivery lines, annually, to 900 customers throughout the world. This location, being dedicated to logistics activities, supplies four different business models: automotive industry, general industry, independent aftermarket and aerospace.

In August 2019, FST invested in automation for this location in order to meet the aftermarket business requests: higher delivery frequency and faster goods shipments.

A team of 15 employees from Italy, Germany and the US have worked on this extensive logistics project for about 16 months, from the approval of the investment to the completed implementation. Today, the warehouse has 13 autonomous vehicles that are able to pick 400 mobile racks and bring them to three workstations for employee to pack and process the Corteco product for dispatch.

Speed and safety: These are two of the most important results achieved with this new and improved way of working. The picking operations are now faster than in the past. In order to be more efficient for our customers, the operators have developed digital skills and they are now able to request the needed mobile racks instead of manually picking product. This means significantly improved working conditions as employees are operating in a more comfortable way and reducing the need to walk throughout the warehouse. It is a paradigm shift. Instead of ‘men to goods,’ it is now ‘goods to men.’


Another advantage offers the possibility to keep distance between people. In times of Corona, it’s fundamental to work far away from each other and the robots are guaranteed not to be contagious.

The video below shows exactly how the new partnership between employees and robots works:


For automatic transmission and power steering:

Worldwide specialists rely on this technique.
And with very good reason.



The vision of a frictionless seal

something that our engineers at Freudenberg Sealing Technologies have come close to achieving with the LEVITEX crankshaft seal.


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