25.08.2022 High-tech in the Aftermarket

Corteco exhibits at Automechanika in Frankfurt after forced pandemic break

August 25, 2022/Hirschberg/Frankfurt: After a forced break due to the...

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21.06.2022 Corteco opens new distribution center in China

On December 23, 2021, Corteco China opened a new distribution center in Shanghai Chilian (Jinqiao) Science and Innovation Park. This event marks...

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17.03.2022 Corteco celebrates 25 years “a brand of Freudenberg”

25 years ago, Corteco became part of the Freudenberg Group and started its business activities in October 1996. Over the past 25 years, Corteco has...

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03.09.2021 TecAlliance certifies Corteco as “Premier Data Supplier”

Corteco is one of the first companies certified as "Premier Data Supplier" (PDS) by TecAlliance for its exemplary data quality. TecAlliance is...

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18.08.2021 Corteco @ Automechanika Digital Plus, 14. - 16. September 2021

The Corteco team can be found in hall 3 at stand A55 and virtual on the Digital Plus platform.

The proximity to our customers and the personal...

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13.07.2021 Freudenberg Filtration Technologies maintains prime service parts supplier status for Honda

As one of 22 selected service parts suppliers for American Honda Motor Co., Inc., Corteco sister company Freudenberg Filtration Technologies was...

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09.12.2020 New brochure for Corteco’s Asian range

Corteco has almost 4,000 sealing products, 2,000 vibration control products and over 250 filters for Asian vehicles in range. This range portfolio...

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04.06.2020 A new automized way to make a team

Corteco’s operators and robots work together to assure the best service for their customers.

Distribution Center Italy, located in Pinerolo, is a...

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10.10.2019 "Vendor of the Year Award" goes to Corteco USA

FCP Euro honours the FST subsidiary with the "Vendor of the Year" Award

​​The 2019 FCP Euro Vendor Awards could not have been better: Nick Bauer,...

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19.06.2019 De cabinefilter, onmisbaar voor een beter comfort en gezonde lucht in uw voertuig

Meer en meer mensen lijden de dag van vandaag aan allergieën en astma: het betreft meer dan 30% van de wereldbevolking. De cabinefilter is één van de...

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15.04.2019 Cabin Air Filter Failure and Diagnosis

We rely on our cars more today than we ever have done; they are used for minor tasks and for the big moments in life. We all tend to look after our...

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06.02.2019 TVD Installation and Removal

Torsional Vibration Dampers (TVDs) provide vital protection for a vehicles engine. TVDs are made up of rubber and metal components; the rubber within...

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23.11.2018 Corteco releases new Suspension Strut Mount catalogue

Corteco is expanding its range of Suspension Strut Mountings with 84 articles new in range. Including a full range of repair kit solutions. The new...

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16.11.2018 Corteco publishes new engine mount catalogue 2018/2019

Corteco is a leading international spare parts supplier for the Independent Automotive Aftermarket. Thanks to the comprehensive development know-how...

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14.11.2018 "World Automotive Components 2018” award goes to Corteco

Corteco, a Freudenberg Group company and a leading supplier to the independent automotive aftermarket, recently received the prestigious “World...

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08.11.2018 Can start-stop systems damage your engine and surrounding components?

More and more new vehicles are leaving the factory with start-stop technology installed. The technology is increasingly being used to tackle emissions...

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30.10.2018 Pulley Failure and Diagnosis

Similar to other components failing, the part that has failed is often condemned before the true cause of the failure is found. If the component that...

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23.09.2018 Corteco at Automechanika 2018

Quality Is Becoming More Important in the Independent Automotive Aftermarket

The FST subsidiary Corteco showcased its product portfolio – now...

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31.08.2018 The Benefits of using OE Oil Seals over Cheap Replicas

In the present day we are often conscious of cost and time as both normally work together. We often want something that costs as little as possible and takes the least amount of time to source and fit

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17.07.2018 Oil Seals Failure and Diagnosis

Often, when parts such as oil seals fail prematurely they are replaced and returned under warranty; however, in most cases the seal itself isn’t the reason the failure has occurred. In this guide, we will take you through the causes and how to avoid premature leaks and failures in the future.

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09.07.2018 The Importance of the Cabin Air Filter

Cabin air filters can be found in the most inaccessible places, which could be the reason why they don’t always get replaced during a service. Corteco explores the importance of replacing the cabin air filter and looks at fitment instructions on a BMW 420.

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10.04.2018 Additives & Oil Seals

Engine oils adverse effects on oil seals

Today’s cars are becoming increasingly powerful but are still retaining the convenient size which fits with the chaotic world we live in. With cars becoming more demanding, the engines have to do more while trying to meet efficiency targets, this is helped by the engine oil that we put in to keep the car ticking over.

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10.04.2018 When durability matters – make the right choice!

When seals become contaminated, vehicle performance and reliability is quickly compromised.


Lorries are expected to operate around the clock while exposed to moisture and general physical debris and still produce as little down time as possible. Operating conditions are harsh, but reliability remains vital for the driver and the customer.

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21.06.2017 Universal Sealing Compound

With the introduction of the universal sealing paste EVO 300, Corteco has further extended its portfolio for sealing pastes. Detailed information is...

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28.03.2017 New Pulleys Catalogue 2017/2018

Corteco is a leading international spare parts supplier for the Independent Automotive Aftermarket. Thanks to the comprehensive development know-how...

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29.11.2016 Online Catalogue Extends Worldwide Technical Support

Corteco releases new online catalogue

The latest online catalogue from Corteco is much more than just an update of the Corteco...

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08.09.2016 Corteco Introducing New Branding at Automechanika 2016

For 20 years, Corteco has been a success as a leading supplier to the independent automotive aftermarket. Being part of the global Freudenberg Group,...

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28.06.2016 Profile swap for a better sealing action

The OE-manufacturer, Freudenberg Sealing Technologies, has redesigned radial shaft seal 20033804B. 

The BA profile has changed to a BD profile...

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09.06.2016 Corteco releases new Cabin Air Filter catalogue 2016/2017

Corteco original spare-parts fulfill the highest standards of quality, safety and comfort, which is directly linked to Freudenberg. The micronAir®...

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09.06.2016 Freudenberg Sealing Technologies opens new plant in Turkey

Freudenberg Sealing Technologies, one of the leading seal manufacturers worldwide, has dedicated a new plant in Bursa, Turkey. A broad product...

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01.02.2016 An internship at Corteco – with “recommended” rating

College student Saskia Kieser spent three months gaining practical experience in England

“I learned a great deal during my three-month internship...

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02.10.2015 The ‘Start-Stop Ready’ Mark of Distinction

The ‘Start-Stop Ready’ sticker that now features prominently on all Start-Stop Pulleys in the Corteco range (1 Sept 2015) is the OE Quality ‘stamp of...

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17.02.2015 On tour through North America

For three-and-one-half decades, Corteco’s TransTec brand has stood for quality and reliability in the automotive accessory and replacement parts...

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07.11.2014 Corteco publishes pulley catalogue 2015/2016

A new front-end drive system catalogue just published by Corteco, features 34 new Start-Stop Pulleys and 31 new Pulley Kits.

The extended range for...

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14.10.2014 The Brand of the Year Award goes to: Corteco

Corteco was honored with the award “Brand of the Year” during this year’s MIMS in Moscow. In August of every year in the Russian capital, “MIMS...

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23.09.2014 Corteco at Automechanika

Corteco presented innovative products and services in sealing, vibration control and filtration technologies at stand B70 in Hall 6 at this year’s...

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12.08.2014 Repair solution with extended range: Pulley-kit

Apart from the widest selection of pulleys in orginial quality, Corteco offers 50 of the most common pulleys as a kit as well.

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07.08.2014 Fresh air for high performance engines

More power. Less fuel consumption. Reduced CO2-emissions.

Obtain more efficient filter results with filter mediums from micronAir® and profit from...

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04.08.2014 Freudenberg develops plastic housing for engine case

Lightweight design combined with high load-carrying capacity – these are the key advantages of housing covers made of plastic. They allow the...

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28.07.2014 Levitex – the frictionless revolution

The engineers at Freudenberg Sealing Technologies have come very close to the vision of a frictionless seal: The Levitex crankshaft seal creates an...

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25.07.2014 Original quality equipment: Cabin air filters

At Corteco you receive the cabin air filter of the original equipment supplier micronAir®.

You will find the matching micronAir® cabin air filter for...

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The vision of a frictionless seal

something that our engineers at Freudenberg Sealing Technologies have come close to achieving with the LEVITEX crankshaft seal.


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